About Us

GICS: Global Integrated Construction Solution

GICS : are advances technic that develop by INDOPATRIA-STELL based on years of experiences in the construction business and G 3 Global Go Green Philoshopy + P 3 Plug ‘n Play PhiloshopyWith GICS We integrate the Engineering Design, Advance Technic and System of Construction with our own Design of Prefab and Precast Concrete Product to construct quality building with cost

About Us

G 3 + P 3 : G 3 Global Go Green in Advance Technics P 3 Plug ‘n Play Philoshopy

time and labours efficient and reduce unnecessary cost or waste and impotanly Enviromental Friendly compare to the conventional system. In this Advance Technic we reduce the usage of the wood and it waste 98% and in the near future it will go 100% ( 0% of wood)


To be sustainable and trusted construction company, strong integrity, innovative, creative and client satisfaction oriented by applying newest technic  and system, base on the latest construction technology from point of view Engineering Design, Material, Product, Human Resources, Wheather and Equipments

Maintaining the best and longterm relationships to the costumer. Investing in sustainable research and development to revolution the construction methode by Innovation, Reinvention, Recreation, Redesign, Reengineering and Integrate the all aspects to perform the excellent value the costumer. Empowering the human resources continously in contribution profesionally to the costumer, company, team and generally construction services in Indonesia.


  • In God We Trust
  • Integrity
  • Commited
  • Respect
  • Responsive
  • Humanity
  • Team Works
  • Effort
  • Happy For All Parties